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Mobily.ws the Sponsor of Arabnet Alriyadh 2012
As a support for the Arabian young’s’ startups, Mobily.ws for SMS service is sponsoring ArabNet AL Riyadh 2012 conference from 20-21 November which will connect the digital society in Saudi Arabia and discusses the challenges and available opportunities and highlights the latest trends for the professionals in the digital field. ...
Sawa Programme
Through Sawa, you can provide an SMS service on your website. You will be able to offer this as a new service in order to maximise your traffic and encourage more registration in your website. This service also helps make more money by selling SMS messages on your website. In Sawa there is a control panel for the supervisor, secured by a user name and a password, so he can add members, edit their data and top-up their credits. Furthermore, Sawa contains pages for members, who can log in to their accounts by entering their own user names and passwords. They can also add groups and numbers in their address books, and contact these numbers through an easy-to-use, clear and fully-Arabic control panel. Besides, you can link Sawa to the forum or install the programme in your website design.

In terms of the programmes' technical features, it works on web script pages in PHP, which has a high speed in execution and linked to MySQL database also known for excellent, fast performance.

Programme Requirements
1. The following software should be available on the server in order to download the script used for sending by forums:
• Apache 2.0.59
• PHP 4.4.5
• MySQL 5.0.27
• phpMyAdmin-2.9.2
• Zend Optimizer

2.A number of functions need to be active on the server, so that the script will work properly. They are necessary for sending and balance checking. These are:
• fopen
• fsockopen

For Free
Try the programme now, experience the above mentioned options and explore further advantages on the following links:

• Try the subscribers' screens • Try the supervisor's screens Buy Sawa now and get the following:
  1. Free credit of 500 SMS messages.
  2. 24/7 Technical support.
  3. The option of immediate top-up once the free credit is over or in case of adding more once the price of the required SMS messages is paid.
  4. The option of hosting your website on special 500 mega, 25 gega traffic servers and the domain name registration only for SR 500.
The price of Sawa with all the above options is just SR 750 paid only once.

To order the programme, please follow the step in Methods of Payment.

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